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  1. ទាយ ( v ) [tiey]   - detail »
    to cast a horoscope, forecast, predict, prophesy; to interpret (a dream); to presage, portend; to guess
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  1. គ្រូទាយ [kruu tiey]
    astrologer, fortuneteller
  2. ទាយទុកជាមុន [tiey ----- cie mun]
    to forecast, predict, guess
  3. ទាយពន្ធ [tiey pʊən]
    legal heir
  4. ទាយភាគ [tiey pʰiek]
    division / part of an inheritance
  5. ទាយលេខ [tiey leek]
    to predict one's future by means of numbers; to guess a number
  6. ទាយវិភាគ [tiey viʔpʰiek]
    the distribution of an inheritance
  7. ស្មៅសំទាយ [smav ----- tiey]
  8. ហោរទាយ [hao tiey]
  9. អ្នកទាយ [neak tiey]
    prophet, seer, one who predicts, fortuneteller