Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Headley's Khmer-English Dictionary
  1. ខក ( initverb ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to abstain, refrain (from), fail to
  2. ខក ( v ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to put off, to postpone (a trip).
  3. ខក ( adj ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to be prevented from achieving some planned goal
  4. ខក ( v ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to slip out, escape (of an utterance)
  5. ខក ( adj ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to be surrounded
  6. ខក ( v ) [kʰɑɑk]
    to commit oneself to do something which is beyond one's ability to do or which one is reluctant to do