Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Headley's Khmer-English Dictionary
  1. ( n ) [kʰɑɑ]
    contract, agreement
  2. [kʰɑɑ]
    second letter of the Cambodian alphabet
  3. ( n ) [kʰɑɑ]
    part, section, paragraph, clause (e.g. of a contract or treaty); article, point; aspect; meaning
  4. ( n ) [kʰɑɑ]
    kha (kind of thick stew made with fish or pork and sugar or sweet soy sauce, bamboo shoots, black pepper, garlic, red onions, salt, and fish sauce).
  5. ( v ) [kʰɑɑ]
    to cook the above stew
  6. [kʰɑɑ]
  7. ( v ) [kʰɑɑ]
    to promise, to contract (to do something).

    Reference: ខសន្យា