Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Headley's Khmer-English Dictionary
  1. អក ( n ) [ʔɑɑk]
    small silver / copper box with a conical top used to hold lime for mixing with betel and areca

    Reference: អកកំបោរ
  2. អក ( n ) [ʔɑɑk]
    sad melody used in classical Cambodian music

    Reference: អកយំ
  3. អក ( n ) [ʔɑɑk]
    name of a ceremony, the purpose of which is to predict the rain-fall for the following year, traditionally held during the full moon of the month of កត្តិក​
    See: ពិធីសំពះព្រះខែ
    Reference: អកអំបុក
  4. អក [ʔɑɑk]
    See: អករ៍
  5. អក ( v ) [ʔɑɑk]
    to pour something (e.g. a powder) into the mouth; to eat / drink by tipping the head back and pouring the food into the mouth, to gulp
  6. អក ( n ) [ʔɑɑk]
    kind of black sea eagle (Haliaetus leucogaster)

    Reference: សត្វអក