Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Headley's Khmer-English Dictionary
  1. [rɨɨ]
    independent vowel representing in the Sanskrit vowel ṟ rɯɯ (words spelled with ឬ may also be spelled with រឺ )
  2. ( conj ) [rɨɨ]
    Eg. គេយកបំពង់ឫស្សី​ដែលមានចំណុះពីរឬបី​ លីត្រទៅត្រងទឹក​ត្នោត: They use bamboo tubes which can hold two or three liters to collect the palm juice.
  3. ( fp ) [rɨɨ]
    phrase-final interrogative particle
    Eg. មិនមែន ឬ: ? Isn't it true?