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  1. wader ( n. ) [weIdE(r) ' ]
    (a person who wades, a wading bird, waters high waterproof boots worn for fishing, etc. boots used for wading.)
    ពួកបក្សី ជើងវែងដូចជាៈសត្វកុកសត្វក្រសារ។ល។
  2. wadi ( n. )
  3. wafer ( n. ) [weIfE(r) ]
    (a kind of thin light cracker or biscuit, small, round piece of unleavened bread used in the communion service in certain churches, small colored piece of sticky paper used for sealing documents, letters, etc.)
    នំម្យ៉ាង តូចៗស្ដើង
  4. waffle ( v. ) ['wQfl ]
    សរសេរវែងឥតបានការ, និយាយប៉ប៉ាច់ប៉ប៉ោច
    (kind of crisp pancake cooked between two hinged metal plates with studded surfaces, called a waffle iron.)
  5. waffle (2) ( n. )
  6. waft ( n. ) [wQft ]
    (to carry or travel lightly and easily through the air or over water.)
    រសាត់អណ្ដែត តាមខ្យល់ ឬទឹក, ទ្រដោយ
  7. waft (2) ( v. )
    រសាត់តាមខ្យល់ឬទឹក, បង្ហោះ
  8. wag ( v. ) [wxg ]
    បក់, វាត់ចុះវាត់ឡើង, យោលចុះយោលឡើង
    (pt., pp. wagged) (to shake or move briskly to and fro, to move (the tongue) in talking.) wag the tail
    បក់, វាត់ចុះវាត់ឡើង,
  9. wag (2) ( n. )
  10. wage ( n. ) [weIdZ ]
    ([often wages] regular payment to an employee in return for his work or services [often pl.] money paid to an employee for work done as on. an hourly or weekly basis.)
    ប្រាក់ឈ្នួល, ប្រាក់ខែ

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