Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

2014 Releases

Version: 44 (12-30-2014)
  1. Add a body parts and internal organs.
Version: 43 (11-25-2014)
  1. Add a few more images for the fruit.
  2. Fix some of the format issues after the updates.
Version: 42 (10-15-2014)
  1. Add comment section for Khmer oldies.
Version: 41 (10-6-2014)
  1. Update search in songs for keywords and starts with
  2. Add search by singer
Version: 40 (09-10-2014)
  1. Add Khmer Oldies song search of Mietophoum Production (Wat Phnom) (full text search on title and lyric)
  2. Update to python27 and datastore

2013 Releases

Version: 39 (12-10-2013)
  1. Remove Khmer Dictionary of Theocratic Words and Phrases ~ វចនានុក្រម​ពាក្យ​គម្ពីរ
  2. Update some of the typos

2012 Releases

Version: 38 (8-27-2012)
  1. Update vegetable topic entries for giant taro, kaffir lime, bean, floating heart
  2. Update default drop down from fruit.
Version: 37 (07-30-2012)
  1. Change template with smaller content page and fix left column menu.
  2. Use Google Web Font Hanuman by Danh Hong which work on iOS for Khmer text.
Version: 36 (07-01-2012)
  1. Add Khmer Dictionary of Theocratic Words and Phrases ~ វចនានុក្រម​ពាក្យ​គម្ពីរ
  2. Add 30 more words of the day.
  3. Add new contact form.
  4. Fix full text search for proverb error.
Version: 35 (02-23-2012)
  1. Update setting to handle field over 500 characters error. Recently happened for no appearance reason.

2011 Releases

Version: 34 (8-29-2011)
  1. Add vegetables, herbs, and cooking spices (beta) -- 132 terms, 87 entries with images (171 total images).
Version: 33 (6-25-2011)
  1. Enabled local audio files for non-Firefox browser.
  2. Fix audio to English language.
Version: 32 (4-28-2011)
  1. Disable paging due to performance issue
  2. Disable some directories for robots to help with quota
  3. Removed local audio files for non-Firefox browser.
  4. Add 30 more words for word of the day.
Version: 31 (2-24-2011)
  1. Add audio feature for English words using Google Text to Speech. Only works for Firefox.
  2. Add local audio files for English words for other browsers.
  3. Fix max page calculation exception.
  4. Update fruit data and add 35 images of mouth-watering fruits.
  5. Add fruit page with alphabet link and checkbox for image only. Add new alphabet filter.
Version: 30 (2-10-2011)
  1. Add error handling to full text search on query that is less than 3 chars to not showing any result.
  2. Add regular expression search on English dictionary.
  3. Add the ability to add comment to other topic like flower and animal.
  4. Add 47 more images for fishes from Freshwater Fishes in Cambodia (www.ifredi.org).
Version: 29 (1-17-2011)
  1. Add new misc topics: calendar and directions
  2. Add misc Chuon Nath selection to Topic so it can be browsed (poetry, proverb,riddles).
  3. Shorten the layout page for fruit detail

2010 Releases

Version: 28 (12-31-2010)
  1. Remove 1000 maximum resultset limit.
  2. Added the paging for the resultset. Put limit on max count to 9999 entries to avoid timeout.
Version: 27 (11-9-2010)
  1. Move all statics content to a subdomain www2 to lighten the load and bandwidth.
  2. Modify the header template to a smaller height.
Version: 26 (10-24-2010)
  1. Add a new feature for user to post comment on fruit topic.
  2. Move static images to a new subdomain
Version: 25 (10-5-2010)
  1. Update memcache capability with spelling correction.
  2. Fix auto-complete on Reg-expression Search page.
  3. Add Word-Def game to front page. Add more word data to Word-Def and Khmer Word game.
  4. Swap change flower random image to fruit instead
  5. Update image files to use another sub-domain.
Version: 24 (9-25-2010)
  1. Implement a RokPeak game (RokPeak)--Khmer hangman (beta).
  2. Update Chuon Nath display (remove 'Reference In' string). Identified missing ethymology during the import.
  3. Fix IE auto-complete wrap issue. Fix iframe spacing on the bottom screen for Firefox.
  4. Add ethymology for Chuon Nath's dictionary. (6,257 entries -- 33% of total words)
  5. Added several Chuon Nath's abbreviations not listed in the list but used in the dictionary.
Version: 23 (9-20-2010)
  1. Implement a word game (Word-Def) to match words and its definitions. (beta)
Version: 22 (9-12-2010)
  1. Add shape for the topic page.
  2. Add a basic category and improve navigation for color.
  3. Update a few images for flower and fruit section.
Version: 21 (8-11-2010)
  1. Add ability to save font size preference in Google Gadget for Khmer Word of the Day
Version: 20 (7-15-2010)
  1. Add another class of animal -- fish for the theme page.
  2. Add Civil Law 2007 Glossary (data entered by Rathvisal)
  3. Add admin capability for editing glossary
  4. Add admin access control by adding users to the datastore
Version: 19 (6-14-2010)
  1. Add another class of animal -- bird for the theme page.
  2. Update topic page with images.
Version: 18 (5-19-2010)
  1. Add other classes of animal for the theme page.
  2. Update animal theme page to use drop down list to select class and check list for entries with/out images.
  3. Corrected and add more information based on user submitted for រាំង.
Version: 17 (4-16-2010)
  1. Add iGoogle gadget for Khmer Word of the Day.
Version: 16 (3-7-2010)
  1. Correct Yihub flower as user suggested.
  2. Add more sample link for regular expression search. Hide/show the examples.
  3. Fix flower page error with name contain single quote.
Version: 15 (2-20-2010)
  1. Add new topic, Animal ~ សត្វ : Mammal
  2. Start a few other animal classes: (Preview: Amphibian, Crustacean )
  3. Use Jquery for showing alphabet links.
  4. Change front page to show a topic image.
  5. Update topic detail page to handle object not found.
Version: 14 (2-5-2010)
  1. Add the regular expression search for Chuon Nath (Search)
  2. Add statistic to regular expression search.
  3. Improve URL format for word query to use /word/[khmer term] for Chuon Nath and Headley.
  4. Improve word search of Chuon Nath to search for equivalent and reference in term.
Version: 13 (1-21-2010)
  1. Fix Fruit search to match varieties and other names.Search "word" will match any of the letter. "Starts with" will only match beginning letters.
  2. Add search on Flower topic same functionalities as Fruit.
  3. Add more images to topic Flowers and improve paging and allow jumping to a specific page.
  4. Add more images to topic Fruits and improve paging.
Version: 12 (1-15-2010)
  1. Add a new topic: Colors
  2. Add a new topic: Flowers
  3. Fix sorting problem for Fruit page
  4. Add text to describe a list of main features

2009 Releases

Version: 11 (11-30-2009)
  1. Enhance spelling correction performance with memcache.
  2. Improve the correction by using the whole Chuon Nath dictionary as a trained document for Khmer. (See list of top entries with more than 500 count.)
  3. Suggest a Full Text Search link if no entries were not found for a search word.
  4. Add 399 entries that were missing from the English-Khmer dictionary.
Version: 10 (11-25-2009)
  1. Add spelling correction "Did you mean: x" for not found words for both English and Khmer using the edit distance of 2.
  2. Add searchable on Topic:Fruit and sortable listing.
  3. Add frontpage to show the proverbs entries.
Version: 9 (11-15-2009)
  1. Add the ability to browse through proverb, glossary and translation with links from About KOD page
  2. Add search drop down for specific dictionaries: All dictionaries, Khmer-Khmer, Khmer-English, English-Khmer, Translation
  3. Add proverb translations by Khmer Institute
  4. Add "Topics" page with list of different topics
  5. Add Tropical Fruit topic and fruit detail page
Version: 8 (10-30-2009)
  1. Add Khmer proverb and translation by Chhannly Kuch (only display when perform full text search for Khmer/English words)
  2. Add English-Khmer Glossary
  3. Hide Misc. Translation (Drupal/Joomla) display box if no results found
  4. Add missing Headley sub-entry data
  5. Fix the phrase query and lower case issue when searching Khmer dictionary
  6. Add Opensearch for Firefox toolbar (see frontpage for the link)
  7. Improve logging, fix Khmer text gap for IE.
  8. Add help page to assist user with typing and common mistype
Version: 7 (9-29-2009)
  1. Implement auto complete (auto suggestion) for Khmer words using (Chuon Nath) and English words using English-Khmer dictionary words. This feature displays a list of possible words as user is typing each character.
  2. Add Drupal translation text to the datastore (3,594 entries)
  3. Add Joomla translation text to the datastore (918 entries)
Version: 6 (9-4-2009)
  1. Add frontpage to highlight some of Chuon Nath's dictionary content (124 entries)
  2. Clean up more English-Khmer dictionary for typos
  3. Protect admin area to authorize user only.
Version: 5 (8-22-2009)
  1. Make use of Django templates
  2. Modify how Headley subentries are displayed (only when search criteria is "word")
  3. Clean up English-Khmer dictionary for typos that contain BONTAQ for words that start with "a"
  4. Add the ability for admin to use AJAX edit in place to modify Chuon Nath dictionary entries
Version: 4 (8-03-2009)
  1. Add full text search for Headley (Allow searching of the definition)
  2. Add full text search for sub-entries in Headley
  3. Add full text search for Chuon Nath
  4. Add full text search for English-Khmer
Version: 3 (7-27-2009)
  1. Format the English-Khmer dictionary with multiple definitions.
  2. In admin section, add the ability to modify English-Khmer dictionary definition entries with AJAX edit in place.
  3. Add more memcache capabilities on more queries.
Version: 2 (7-13-2009)
  1. Add Headley (1997) dictionary
  2. Display sub-entries for Headley
  3. Add English-Khmer dictionary
Version: 1 (6-23-2009)
  1. Add Chuon Nath dictionary
  2. Add prefix search for head word