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Topics :: Flowers :: Ludwigia -- កំពីងពួយ

Khmer Name: កំពីងពួយ
English Name: Ludwigia
Scientific Name:

Chuon Nath: ស្មៅ​វារ​ដុះ​អណ្ដែត​លើ​ទឹក ឬ​ដុះ​នៅ​ទី​ដី​សើម មាន​ឫស​ចេញ​ពី​ថ្នាំង​ មាន​ស្នាប់​ពណ៌​ស​ឱប​ទង ផ្កា​តូច​ស ឬ​ក្រហម, ប្រើ​ជា​អន្លក់ : កំពីង​ពួយ​ឈើ, កំពីងពួយ​អំបោះ ។

Headley: kind of edible aquatic plant (Ludwigia adscendens)

Source: ( http://www.chanbokeo.com/index.php?gcm=1411&grid=101577&gtop=5145 )
We only hear the name of this plant in Khmer popular song or would hear about Komping Pouy Water Dam, but many of us don't have any idea how it actually looks like.
Here it goes, Pka Komping Pouy. It grows in bushes with soft stems, easily planted with minimal care. We see more of these plants grown wild in farm or rural areas.

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