Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionaries

Chuon Nath's Khmer-Khmer Dictionary
  1. ក្បិន ( ន.នាមសព្ទ )
    រមូរ​ជាយ​សំពត់​សងខាង​ដែល​ចុក​នៅ​កន្លែង​ឆ្នុក​ក្បិន : មូរ​ក្បិន, ចង​ក្បិន ។
Headley's Khmer-English Dictionary
  1. ក្បិន ( n ) [kbən]
    hem of the sampot (Cambodian skirt) rolled together and passed back between the legs where it is tucked in.
  2. ក្បិន ( clf ) [kbən]
    for two skirts (about 3 and a half yards of material)